Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Outreach Devotional Aids

-:: The first run of the new international pocket devotionals are complete. Printed on handmade parchment and bound in leather, these contain 100 pages of excerpts from Scripture (with a few quotes from the Apostolic era Church) on basic fundamentals of the faith.

• Subjects include: faith & belief, baptism, the commandments, the Beatitudes of Christ, purity, resisting temptations, repentance, the Church, Communion, perseverance through trials, gifts and graces, stewardship, prayer and endurance. 🕊

.:: These are free for any priests, pastors, clergy, teachers, missionaries, ministry volunteers, or outreach and support programs that would have use for these - just email us the details and an address to mail them to.

  Current translations of this work are underway for Arabic, Urdu, Lugandan, and Telugu. 

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