Monday, February 28, 2022

Availability, Titles, and Intentions


Supply varies at any given time.
These books are hand bound, branded, and printed on handmade parchment. 

Depending on financial resources, we are usually able to supply one free copy to whomever requests, however for larger quantity requests (made on behalf of a parish, monastery, or mission) -we endeavour to send what we are able. 

Donations are not obligatory. However, any donations received are applied entirely toward ongoing materials and shipping expenses - enabling us to distribute more of these than we ourselves are otherwise capable

*For shipment destinations outside the USA, we strive to do what we are able, but usually the cost of shipment is rather high. Thereby, requests from outside the USA may experience an undetermined delay. 


Except for the larger (300 page) "Apostolic Faith" book,
compilation titles are 4x6 inches in size, and vary between 100-250 pages in number. 

These compilations are intended primarily for clergy, teachers, evangelists/missionaries,
monastics, or any others involved in religious service. 


Our pocket devotionals are intended for anyone, and may be especially useful for catechumens, new believers, those involved in outreach ministries, shelters (to which we've supplied many to date), families, military service members, or any others that might benefit from their edifying content. 




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