Friday, December 2, 2022

New Titles

: Latest additions : 

(Availability may vary at any given time.) 


A full English translation of the LXX Psalms
300 pages, including canticles and canonical hours chart.
(Very limited supply. Free for canters or clergy that will use.)  

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: An annotated collection of excerpts
from the 2nd century Apologists of the faith. 200 pages. 
(One free copy for any clergy or teachers that will use.

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The Hours: 150 pages: collection of prayers selected from various rites, breviaries,
and ancient collects. Intended for laity of any Apostolic & Trinitarian tradition,
includes excerptsfrom Scripture and the Church Fatherson various
 subjects related to devotion and worship of God. 

(One free copy to any clergy or heads of households that will use.) 

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