Thursday, June 15, 2023

How to request a free book.

  • If you are clergy, a teacher, minister, evangelist, apologist, head of household, or in religious vocation - and would like to receive one of these free books: please simply email us your details, and a USA address to mail to. 

  • If you represent a mission, church / parish, monastery, school, library, or faith outreach program - and would like to receive multiple copies of any books: please email us your details and a USA address to mail to. (International requests will depend upon location.) 

  • If you represent a Christian bookstore (where the proceeds support either the Church or a non-profit ministry), and would like to carry copies of our books: please email us your details. *

    *For requests over 5 books, a donation to cover only the materials expense for us to replenish supply - is suggested.

Our email address: 

Thursday, May 4, 2023

New Title: "Witnesses"


-: Witnesses :-

150 page compilation of selections from the writings of the Early Church 
on the stories of the first Christian witnesses and martyrs. 

:: One free copy to any church, clergy, teacher / staff,
study group leader, or head of household. 

Saturday, April 22, 2023

English, Russian, and Spanish Shepherds

 Latest pocket devotional is available in English, Russian, and Spanish translations. 

  • 102 pages of excerpts of Scripture (with chapter & verse citation) on the fundamental basics of the Gospel. 
  • Intended for use with outreach programs, ministries, schools, and evangelism. 
  • May also be useful as a very basic Gospel catechesis.
Free copies available to clergy, mission workers, evangelists, teachers, heads of households ,and others. 

Simply email us your details, and request whichever translation would be useful. 

Heads of Households

 If you are a head of a household and would like to receive a free pocket devotional and "The Hours" book of humble prayers (or would like to request one to give to the head of your household), please send us an email to provide an address for us to mail them to, and to specify which pocket devotional is desired. 

In Christ, 

- the Apostolic Faith Book team

Friday, December 2, 2022

New Titles

: Latest additions : 

(Availability may vary at any given time.) 


A full English translation of the LXX Psalms
300 pages, including canticles and canonical hours chart.
(Very limited supply. Free for canters or clergy that will use.)  

(Click on photo to see preview) 


: An annotated collection of excerpts
from the 2nd century Apologists of the faith. 200 pages. 
(One free copy for any clergy or teachers that will use.

(Click on photo to see preview) 


The Hours: 150 pages: collection of prayers selected from various rites, breviaries,
and ancient collects. Intended for laity of any Apostolic & Trinitarian tradition,
includes excerptsfrom Scripture and the Church Fatherson various
 subjects related to devotion and worship of God. 

(One free copy to any clergy or heads of households that will use.) 

(Click on photo to see preview) 

Monday, February 28, 2022

Availability, Titles, and Intentions


Supply varies at any given time.
These books are hand bound, branded, and printed on handmade parchment. 

Depending on financial resources, we are usually able to supply one free copy to whomever requests, however for larger quantity requests (made on behalf of a parish, monastery, or mission) -we endeavour to send what we are able. 

Donations are not obligatory. However, any donations received are applied entirely toward ongoing materials and shipping expenses - enabling us to distribute more of these than we ourselves are otherwise capable

*For shipment destinations outside the USA, we strive to do what we are able, but usually the cost of shipment is rather high. Thereby, requests from outside the USA may experience an undetermined delay. 


Except for the larger (300 page) "Apostolic Faith" book,
compilation titles are 4x6 inches in size, and vary between 100-250 pages in number. 

These compilations are intended primarily for clergy, teachers, evangelists/missionaries,
monastics, or any others involved in religious service. 


Our pocket devotionals are intended for anyone, and may be especially useful for catechumens, new believers, those involved in outreach ministries, shelters (to which we've supplied many to date), families, military service members, or any others that might benefit from their edifying content. 




Monday, November 1, 2021

NEW BOOK : "The Apostolic Faith"

 One copy free for any clergy or church study group leaders / teachers who will use them. 

(While supply lasts) 

(Email us!) 


•. 300 pages of excerpts from Scripture and the writings of the early Church -on the fundamentals of the faith.

•. Includes letters and historical context in the worlds of several apologists and historians from the early Church era.

•. Will include access to free downloadable PDFs for each full chapter -for study group participants / students to print and keep.

•. Bulk orders available upon arrangement (with suggested donation to cover only the exact expenses)