Monday, December 18, 2023

New Title: "The Last Days"

120 page leather-bound compilation, containing excerpts from sacred Scripture, as well as from the deuterocanon, extra-canonical writings from the 2nd Temple era, and commentary from the early Church Fathers.

Chapters include:

•. The Generation of that Time
•. Children of the Light
•. The Dark One (& the Antichrist)
•. The Two Witnesses
•. The Great Tribulation
•. The Mark of the Beast
•. Persecution of the Saints
•. The End

:: One free copy to any clergy, church library, monastery, apologist, evangelist, or religious education teacher who requests. (USA addresses only.)

Thursday, June 15, 2023

How to request a free book.

  • If you are clergy, a teacher, minister, evangelist, apologist, head of household, or in religious vocation - and would like to receive one of these free books: please simply email us your details, and a USA address to mail to. 

  • If you represent a mission, church / parish, monastery, school, library, or faith outreach program - and would like to receive copies of any books: please email us your details and a USA address to mail to. (International requests will depend upon location.) 

  • *For requests over 5 books, a donation to cover only the material expense (leather, paper, binding, shipping costs) for us to replenish supply - is suggested

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Thursday, May 4, 2023

New Title: "Witnesses"


-: Witnesses :-

150 page compilation of selections from the writings of the Early Church 
on the stories of the first Christian witnesses and martyrs. 

:: One free copy to any church, clergy, teacher / staff,
study group leader, or head of household. 

Saturday, April 22, 2023

English, Russian, and Spanish Shepherds

 Latest pocket devotional is available in English, Russian, and Spanish translations. 

  • 102 pages of excerpts of Scripture (with chapter & verse citation) on the fundamental basics of the Gospel. 
  • Intended for use by outreach programs and evangelism ministries.
Free copies available to clergy, mission workers, evangelists, teachers, heads of households ,and others. 

Simply email us your details, and request whichever translation would be useful.