A rudimentary pocket-sized devotional companion for the Gospel - containing Scripture with corresponding quotes from instrumental authors and figures of the Apostolic and early Church era.

*Bulk ordering of 10 or more for churches, parishes, schools or ministries is available at simply the base cost of manufacture & shipping. Please email us for details.*

  • If you are a pastor, priest, teacher, missionary, that would like to receive one of these for free or for one of your clergy - please contact us via email and provide your mailing address.

For teachers, instructors, clergy, evangelists, missionaries, internationals or volunteer workers who would like to receive one of these for free (or on donation basis); please simply email your message and address to : ApostolicFaithBook@gmail.com

Donations & contributions will be used to cover the expense of manufacture & distribution, and to donate & deliver bulk orders to
international target ministries.

Specifications:  Offset printed on 100 handmade pages, this work is modestly contained in a handstitched leather binding. The centerfold features a basic translation of the “Way of Life” from the important early church document ‘the Didache’; and is surrounded with selections of Scripture and excerpts from early church authors based on subject. This print is intended to be used as a simple reference tool, whereby the reader may consider further contemplation –or find inspiration- on the particulars of the faith.

Enclosed Subjects: Faith & Obedience, The Beatitudes, Jesus the Word of God, the Commandments, Works of Faith, Living in Christ, Perseverance through Trials, true Repentance, Seeking the Kingdom of God, avoiding Slander and Evil-Speaking, Charity/Giving, Purity, the Way of Life, Adultery & Lust, Lying, Stewardship, Anger, Patience, Discernment of Prophets & Teachers, Discernment of Righteousness vs Iniquity, Baptism, Fasting, Communion (Eucharist), Receiving Brethren, Offerings to God, being Citizens of the Kingdom of God, Time Stewardship, Pursuit of Righteousness, Truth Preserved, The Church, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Use of Spiritual Gifts, Resurrection and Final Judgment, and The Lord’s Prayer.

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